Why Blog?

Increasingly blogs have become a part of our everyday lives. They open a forum to expand our understanding of the world around us using simple, everyday language in an easy-to-read visual format. When blogs hit the mark they capture our imagination in a few paragraphs and crack open ideas, processes, and people. Blogs are an expression of art in their own right and employ writing and modern media to tell a story.

Within the 40 West Arts District we relish all things artistic. Our mission is simple. We believe that the arts enrich our lives and we have come together to enhance this already vibrant community through the creation of an arts district. Part of our vision is to showcase what’s already out there, and to expose what makes this gritty, funky neighborhood so special. The blog format lends itself to this arena of our mission and it’s a natural next step for us in our quest to recognize, expand, and champion the West Colfax Corridor.

You can look to this blog to expound on creative, cultural, and artistic happenings in the Colfax area. We’ll feature stories about 40 West Arts District but we’ll also pursue anything that speaks to us, inspires us, or makes us think. As a jumping off point I’ve listed ten things below that I love about the West Colfax Corridor. Tell me, What do you love about West Colfax?

What do I love about West Colfax?

  1. Fifteen minutes from downtown Denver, ten minutes from the Highlands, ten minutes from Belmar, and a straight shot to the mountains
  2. East access to the Light Rail
  3. Bike Trails with connections to almost anywhere in the city
  4. The 40 West Arts District
  5. Diversity – hands down one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the Denver area
  6. Old brick houses rich with history and style
  7. Quirky thrift stores filled with endless treasures
  8. A history as old as the wild west and as colorful as a neon sign
  9. Community – I talk to my neighbors every day and I meet people all of the time who are fiercely proud of this area and committed to its growth and revival
  10. 10. Large colorful murals that adorn the walls of many businesses

Liz Black
40 West Arts Blogger

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