Why your voice matters

It’s snowing and additionally, a recent snowboarding injury has reduced me to crutches and a large brace clipped tightly to my left leg. I can’t think of two better excuses to curl up with The Sun magazine and my two dogs in bed.

I always flip to the back page first, where a list of quotes with the same general theme run the length of the page in two neat rows. The final quote catches my eye. “You throw an anchor into the future you want to build, and you pull yourself along by the chain”, John O’Neal.

I consider this quote, and its implications. Does each action that we take make a tiny ripple in the pond of our future? Are we responsible for the world that we wish to build, for the space and society that we wish to see? I’d like to think so.

Small actions have big consequences. Each step we take toward the person we wish to become is both measurable, and important. By that same token our actions have an effect on the world around us as well. Change is inevitable. Will we take an active role in our world or remain passive to the alterations around us?

For me, Artspace represents an opportunity to create the type of community that I wish to live in. It represents creativity, art in all forms, and a neighborhood that shares inspiration and ideas. Artspace speaks to diversity of both people and economics, and the sense that a person shouldn’t need to be rich, to live in an area that is abundant in resources and beauty.

The West Colfax corridor is changing. Will you take a role in the change you wish to see?

If you aren’t familiar with Artspace please take a moment to watch this informative video, and to read my previous blog post titled “Artspace bid is a game changer for 40W Arts and West Colfax corridor”.

And then, take the survey.

Throw an anchor into the future you want to build.
Quote, The Sun magazine

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