40W Artist in Residence Triggers Inspiration, Free of Charge

A former painting teacher of mine once told me that artists require three things: talent- which you need little of, practice- which you need tons of, and teaching- which isn’t required but absolutely helps.

Classes stimulate our mental senses, break down concepts that can otherwise take years to master, and increase our awareness of artists and the art community. Even better when the class is free.

Artist in Residence Ryan Mathews

Artist in Residence Ryan Mathews

And because I love all things art (and all things free) I’m enthusiastic for the 40W Arts District Studio Sessions, a series of classes taught by Artist in Residence Ryan Mathews and held at varying locations throughout the year. These courses represent one of the many facets of 40W Arts District and highlight our commitment to education, community engagement, and energetic growth with the arts as a catalyst.

I attended an inaugural session at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design and found the class to be delightfully straightforward and hands-on. A creative current charged the air and I noticed a palpable sense of shared accomplishment as artists worked together around the large wooden printmaking board, scraping away negative space and growing the design together. I increased my skills in printmaking (which were zero before this session) and walked away with a little bit of inspiration of my own.

The next three sessions are coming up soon so check out details below to mark your calendar. Don’t forget to take a look at pictures from the printmaking class!


Click here to learn more about our Artist in Residence program.

Click here to find detailed information on upcoming classes.

One thought on “40W Artist in Residence Triggers Inspiration, Free of Charge

  1. Wasn’t that a great event? I’m that gray-haired lady in the corner, getting my first taste of printmaking! I hope more people come enjoy the class this weekend!

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