40 West Artist Spotlight: Caley Bovee

Caley Bovee is a photographer in Lakewood, CO and a member of 40 West Arts District. I had an opportunity to chat with her recently about her craft.

How did you become interested in photography?

It really started in about 2001. I’d always been artistically inclined, doing different things most of my life – embroidery, just stuff like that, basket weaving, I just couldn’t help it. I was looking at the computer a lot then because it was sort of a new medium. Looking at the computer you could see all these pictures. I was always interested in photography. So for Christmas my husband cleverly got me a Kodak camera, a digital camera. And it was one of the first ones they made. And I just became completely obsessed with photography. Because you know, you could do it on the computer and you didn’t have to pay for the prints or anything like that. It was technology that helped bring me into photography, because it was free.

When did you really begin to see yourself as a ‘photographer’?

Digital Photography, Caley Bovee

Digital Photography, Caley Bovee

I had my camera with me all the time. It was obnoxious. I thank my family for their patience with me, because I was always taking pictures. Then I thought to myself, I wonder if I can enter a contest. I struggled and struggled and struggled and struggled and struggled. I entered photo contests for 7 to 9 months. I finally won a photo of the week contest. It was one of my favorite photos that I’d ever taken. It’s a picture of my friend, who was a very close friend. I worked with him in a restaurant. He was black, and he was huge, and he was the sweetest sweetest person. He lost his dog and he got a new one. It was a tiny little fuzzy white puppy. I asked him to take his shirt off and he did, he actually did. So it was this little teeny tiny dog with this big man, big hands.

What inspires you as a photographer?

I like to take pictures of flowers. I like organic life, earthy things. I like old things that are in a state of decay. My philosophy is that, no matter where you go, if you have your camera with you, you can find something to take a picture of. One of the most interesting things you can take pictures of are people. They are fascinating, different. Pictures are a form of communication.

Digital Photography, Caley Bovee

Digital Photography, Caley Bovee

How did you become involved with 40 West Arts District?

I was there for the first show, the grand opening. I was very excited; I invited my whole family to the opening of 40 West. I had pieces at the opening, and they put a red dot on pieces when they sell. One of the most exciting things for me ever, my family saw me as they put a dot next to my photo, my piece was the first piece to sell. It was the first work to sell when 40 West Arts District opened. It was just so exciting. I was so flattered.

What would you tell artists entering this field?

In many ways art is so subjective. If somebody doesn’t like your work, or your picture, then it’s okay. You don’t need to be offended or have your feelings hurt. The main thing is that you like it. Right. You need to like what you do and think that it’s good.


See more of Caley’s work at:http://caley.smugmug.com/

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